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Our outreach program is the main driving-engine for our organization that drives our mission statement and our vision. We reach out locally and worldwide to churches, schools, non-profit organizations, firms, and corporations.

Churches. We are a faith-based non-profit organization. We believe that helping those who have been forced out of their home country and lost personal belongings is the healthy way to get them back on track. We exists because of churches who support us spiritually and financially. If your church wants to learn more about getting involved with our mission please contact us.
  Academics. Our school outreach program is a critical part of our mission. We believe in assisting children in obtaining access to education. Local, national and international schools and individual’s on-going financial contributions give children a brighter future.
  Non-governmental Organizations. Non-profit organizations make a significant impact by lending a helping hand to boost our mission and vision that drives us daily. Any financial assistance or contribution help further our work of reaching out together globally.
  Firms. Small and big firms play big role in helping us achieve delivering services to refugees and internally displaced families.
  Corporations. We welcome corporations who share our cause of helping hurting people. The financial support from corporations help put a smile back on people’s lives.


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