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Join Friendship Outreach International in rebuilding lives together, globally through our outreach program. Friendship Outreach International welcomes passionate individuals to our mission to reach out together in helping refugees and children. Our dedicated outreach team of volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. What makes us stronger each and every day is the rich combination of helping hands of Christians, educators, students, professionals, business owners, CEO’s and South Sudanese living in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and elsewhere in developed countries.

You can help raise funds for F.O.I. by joining our fundraising events near you. You can invite Friendship Outreach International founding President to speak at your church, community, or school.

You can also sponsor a child by making a life-changing commitment of a quarterly donation. F.O.I. will provide you updates on the child/children you are sponsoring by sending you emails, photos and notes from the child/children.
Connect with us via social media to keep up with the latest updates about our work.

From all of us at Friendship Outreach International, we would like to sincerely say, thank you so much in advance for your generous donations. We truly appreciate your support and your gifts will be put to great use of building a community church in Juba, South Sudan that is vital to that community.

We are seeking a total budget of; $10,000.00. The monetary fund we are seeking will cover: 1-Roofing, timbers, Iron sheet & nails, 2-Pit latrine, 3-Room for the pastor/changing room for the guests, 4-Local materials fence, and 5-Labor for the engineer, 6-Sound systems for community gospel.

South Sudanese Christians and non-Christians greatly suffered under imposed Sharia Islamic laws in the 1980s that forced many innocent south Sudanese to be converted into Islamic religion against their will and freedom of worship. Such context is being revived today with mass recruitment targeting the poor families who have been affected by civil war.

Today, there are rapid establishment of more Mosques and Islamic schools coming up which is worrying especially for those who are bought with money to accept Islam. It is on this background that we want our people to know and turn to the Living God, the savior, Son of God Jesus Christ. Spreading the gospel of Christ through missionary joint efforts is our work and we must preach the God words in Africa and countries that lack his word of life, we hope to reverse the situation by preaching the gospel to communities and beyond.

Despite the unbearable challenges that face the small congregation including rain, heating sun and lack of basic services, the congregation continued to work hard in faith looking upon the lord to expand boundaries of the gospel to the unreachable.

Key community services

• Preach the gospel of Christ Jesus in diverse communities
• Guiding and counseling
• Helping the vulnerable groups in the communities
• Praying for the world peace

May God bless you all so mightily and may He continue to spread His love all around the world through His gracious word. Thank you.

Your gifts of kindness are one way you can donate to Friendship Outreach International.

Our PayPal is set up and we can now take donations via our website!

Your generous donation of ANY amount is a tax deductible and will make a life-time impact. Our tax ID is 47-1073641. You can help put smiles on people’s faces!


Friendship Outreach International also accepts gifts of "property donations". By that we mean that you can donate clothing and shoes, blankets, personal hygeine items and more.

We are making our "Wish List" of items that we would like to collect and send to Uganda and South Sudan.

Please stop back soon for more information about our specific needs and collection sites.

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