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Friendship Outreach International (F.O.I.) provides multiple humanitarian services to both refugees and internally displaced families. We are currently focusing on the following areas:

Basic Human Necessities

We provide daily needed necessities such as building shelters, clothes, shoes, blankets, mosquito nets, and over the counter medications to identified refugees and internally displaced families in Eastern African Region, mainly in South Sudan and Uganda.
  Education Assistance

We provide education access to children through our school outreach program. The school outreach program was intentionally designed to assist thousands of children who do not have access to education. Almost all children in developing countries dream of getting an education. It is heartbreaking to see thousands of children miss opportunities because they do not have access to education. Statistics show that millions of children in developing countries do not go to school. South Sudan is the newest nation and most over-looked country when it comes to education. F.O.I. provides access to education through a partnership with local and international communities. You can be a part of this partnership by simply making a donation or joining us at fundraising events. School kits and transportation money raised will be delivered to identified schools in Eastern Africa. Let’s reach out together, locally and globally for the sake of the children.
  Sanitation Services

Refugees and internally displaced families lack sanitation in general. We provide the sanitation items such as hand soap, body soap, hand sanitizer, and assist the identified families build toilets in order to reduce the staggering statistics about the poor hygiene at the refugee camps and temporal displacement sites in Uganda and South Sudan. F.O.I. staff personnel work hard and diligently to ensure the delivery and distribution of the items gathered.

The F.O.I. team of professionals work hard to deliver and distribute the services in Eastern African Continent.

We are currently focusing on helping in two countries, South Sudan and Uganda where thousands of people have been displaced.

There are multiple refugee camps in northern Uganda in the district of Adjumani and temporal internal sites in South Sudan.

We assess the needs and provide services to the identified families.

To find out more, please contact us at:

Friendship Outreach International

P.O. Box 399
Mt. Wolf, PA 17347


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